1.Full Time Position

Job Title: Assistant Producer

Department: TV News/ FNN

Location: New York

FLSA Status: Non-exempt (overtime eligible)

Visa Support: None

SUMMARY: To research and cover news taking place in North, Central, and South America that would be of interest to the Japanese viewers living in Japan. The position will require research on current events, develop ideas for news segments ("kikaku"), and on-site coverage. The ideal candidate will speak native-level English, conversational Japanese, and have 3-5 years of relevant experience or background. The candidate must be able to adapt their lifestyle to the news cycle, and travel frequently.

For content of the news program, please visit:


Keep up with current events in both Americas and Japan by scouring news media and researching wide range of sources. Present topics that may be of interest to the Japanese viewers, whether the news involve Japanese individuals, has an effect on Japan, or topics are similar to events taking place in Japan. Report news from location, which could be anywhere in the North, Central, or South America. Arrange business trip, including flight, lodging, rides, and interviews.

Other Skills: Speak native-level English. Conversational Spanish or Japanese a plus. Strong commitment to the news lifestyle. Thrives in a team-oriented environment. Reliable and punctual. Strong organizational, communication, and research skills. Ability to use hand-held camera a plus.

Essential Physical Requirements: Able to work irregular hours to accomodate developing news; ability to work overtime and weekends on a short notice; be willing to travel frequently. The job may require candidates to travel to inhospitable areas, such as aftermath of natural disasters.

Please email cover letter and resume to

2.Academic Internship (Unpaid)

Job Title: Intern

Department: TV News/ FNN

Location: New York

SUMMARY: We are offering academic internship for TV News Department to eligible students. To qualify, students must be eligible to receive school credit, major in Media Studies or similar field (such as Communications, International Relations, etc.), and speak conversational Japanese. The candidate will have unique opportunity to witness first hand the making of TV News, and will be mainly tasked with assisting research work.

Please email cover letter and resume to


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