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Beautiful Japan

Hi, everyone! 2017 has already been a year full of constant traveling for me for work which has been keeping me quite busy, but I thought I'd share some of my new favorite spots I discovered in Japan in this post!


A place called "Kamakura" in Japan is about 40 minutes from Tokyo by train, but it was my first time ever going there. The photo above is the Meigetsu-in temple in Kita-Kamakura, and I was appalled by the beauty of this place. The peak-through window to the garden has a different "face" for each season because you can see the foliage in the Fall, bright greens and ajisai flowers in the Summer, snow in the Winter, and sakura in the Spring! I recommend visiting early in the morning because there won't be as many people and you'll get to enjoy the calm and quiet environment.


Hokokuji was one of the most relaxing and refreshing places I've ever been to. It was a serene area full of bamboo trees reaching towards the sky that never seemed to end. I've seen this place numerous times in photos and have always wanted to go, so being there in person (especially when the weather and temperature was great!) was such a surreal experience. You can enjoy authentic matcha and wagashi (Japanese confectionery) here as well, so it's a perfect place to come with friends, family, or your significant other. I was told that this place is terrific for photos and it's known also known to be a popular "healing spot." To be honest, I did get a bit emotional inside because it was so beautiful and brought back many wonderful memories. :) I literally have hundreds of photos I took in Kita-Kamakura and Kamakura, but here are a few more!


FullSizeRender 3.jpg

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

I hope you enjoyed the photos, and thank you for reading! :)

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April 5, 2017 8:34 AM

Visiting Japan and Fuji Television!

During the month of January, I flew to Japan for work! I was able to meet with various business-related individuals and old friends + enjoyed my own time by visiting places I've always wanted to go to in Japan. I also was able to visit Fuji Television once again and reunited with ex-members of the FCI New York family who now work there! :)



Outside Fuji Television! This massive building looks incredible in real life. I have to say I was freezing though because it's right by the beach and the wind was crazy this day!
(The temperature in Japan was insanely low during my stay in Japan but apparently bounced back up right after I left... T_T smh)




I had the wonderful opportunity of exploring various studios and control rooms to learn how everything comes to be. It's definitely a completely different experience seeing a broadcast go "live" from the creators' point of view. It's certainly a huge team effort that involves hundreds, and literally every second counts in the TV industry.



This is the view outside the Fuji TV dining area! You can see the beautiful city landscape, beautiful Rainbow Bridge, and even the Statue of Liberty replica towards the bottom of the photo! It was a very nostalgic lunch with the Fujisankei family, and of course the Japanese cuisine was delicious!



Here is none other than the lovely Ms. Chiyo Abe who I had the honor of working with at FCI NY! :) She has taught me so much during our time together and is a wonderful role model in so many ways. Everyone misses her tremendously back in NY including me. Her sweet personality always shines through her smile!

そして数年前までFCI NYに勤務しておられた阿部知代さんにも再会する事ができました!!


I would like to thank every single person I got to meet at Fuji Television! Seeing the immense amount of time, effort, and work that goes on behind the scenes to create spectacular TV programs was a very valuable and memorable experience.
Thank you all so much!!


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February 2, 2017 4:12 PM

Rio Olympics 2016! リオ五輪

Hi, everyone! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start. :) Today I wanted to share some photos from the 2016 Rio Olympics! My brother Andrew was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for an entire month to cover the Olympics for TV, and he sent me awesome photos he took there!

As a dancer myself, I get incredibly inspired and emotional seeing the athletes give it their all for the moment they've prepared for their entire lives. The never-ending hours of practice, dedication, joy, sweat, pain, tears... and I can't even imagine how much pressure they battle as an individual representing their *entire* country. The Rio Olympics was definitely one to remember for Japan, collecting a total of 41 medals which was the highest number of medals in history for the country! :)

とてもタイトスケジュールでしたが、やっぱり故郷 (LA)に帰ると癒されます♪



The following are some of the photos that my brother took in Rio during his business trip!


The infamous Olympics logo at the Copacabana Beach!


Inside the arena before the Gymnastics at the 2016 Rio Olympics.



Sunrise shot from Christ the Redeemer (photo above the sunrise shot) at 6am!


Lastly, here's a photo of my brother and I with our two doggies when he came back!
Both of our dogs were adopted in New York City, and my brother's dog got especially hyper that he almost fainted since he was finally able to meet Andrew after a whole month. :)

そして、1カ月ぶりに会うご主人様にワンちゃんも大喜び!!! 喜びすぎて、気を失いかけました。(^^;

Thank you for checking out my TV blog, and I hope you have an amazing rest of the week!✨

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August 29, 2016 5:26 PM

First 2013 Trendylicious: Celebrity Makeup! + 振り袖 (Kimono) Photos

Today, the first episode of Trendylicious 2013 aired! My everyday look is pretty natural, but in this episode, a celebrity makeup artist will transform my look into something more fierce and intense. I never do anything to my eyebrows, but he actually tweezed my brows a lot beforehand so I was kind of worried... but when it was all finished, my face looked sharper with an overall sophisticated look!


(No Makeup)

before_suppin.jpgClick the title link or photo below to watch the full How To: Celebrity Transformation Makeup Tutorial!

P.S. Next week will be on the hottest 2013 Hairstyles! Chic & trendy, quick & easy, a perfect everyday style as well as for parties. I learned a lot of tricks and loved the hairstyles a lot, so stay tuned!


Screen shot 2013-01-10 at 11.30.45 AM.jpgりぼん Melodeeの一言 りぼん

I also shared these through my Facebook and Twitter (thank you everyone for lots of kind feedback!), but here are the snapshots of the beautiful furisode I had the opportunity to wear for filming! :) 
May your 2013 be full of lots of smiles, laughter, and happiness.<3




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January 9, 2013 4:58 PM

♥Holiday Special: Christmas Dinner Cooking!♥

If you came to visit from my newest video, thanks for coming! I am currently writing my additional health information and secrets I didn't get to share in the video here, so please come back a little bit later! In the meantime, please scroll down and watch my recent episodes if you would like. They are all English translated for you. :) Thank you! xoxo

ベルMerry Christmas!!ベル

Yesterday, FCI aired a Holiday Special episodeー Christmas Dinner Cooking! The incredibly sweet and amazing Hideko Colton sensei taught me how to make a delicious Honey Mustard Glazed Pork that only requires one pan, as well as a Strawberry Trifle dessert! I had an incredibly wonderful time cooking with her, and I cannot wait for you to see the episode if you haven't already. I wrote the full translations and recipe for you in English below.<3

After learning, I made the dishes on my own for my family last night on Christmas Eve!! To see how it turned out, please be sure to scroll down and see this post until the end. :) But first, to watch the full video, click the title or photo below!restaurant

あの ひでこ・コルトン先生に、料理初心者の私でも簡単に作れちゃう素敵なレシピを教えて頂きました!


How To Make: Honey Mustard Glazed Pork & Strawberry Trifle

This is Today's EYE. Today and tomorrow, we will be airing special Christmas segments. The first is cooking! I'm sure there are many people still wondering what to make for Christmas dinner this year. In today's segment, Melodee went to learn how to cook a delicious Christmas meal anyone can make!

M: It's Christmas all over New York City! It's my favorite holiday so I cannot be more excited. I spend Christmas every year with my family, and this year, I would like to cook a fancy dinner for them. However, since I don't know too many recipes, I am going to visit a special person to help me out. Ittekimasu!
M: Good morning, Hideko-san!
H: Melodee, Good morning! Come on in!

In the NY Vacation Series Ep. 2 that aired on December 8th, I met Hideko Colton sensei who guided me as my navigator exploring NY cafes and restaurants. She holds her own cooking lessons in New York and creates a variety of homemade dishes that are great for special occasions and parties. Today, she will teach me how to make the perfect Christmas dinner!

M: I brought two aprons today so we could wear it together!
H: Aww so sweet! It's an apron perfect for Christmas.
M: Yes. So, let's get changed! *twirls*
M: What kind of Christmas dish can I learn from you today?
H: I will show you how to make a Honey Mustard Glazed Pork that's very easy to make with just one pan! Let's cook together.
M: Sounds delicious! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Ingredients for 4 Servings
Pork Leg (4lbs), 12 Fingerling Potatoes, 1 Large Onion, 3 Carrots, Honey (1/2 cup),
Dijon Mustard (1/3 cup) , Olive Oil (2 tbsp), Garlics (2 bulbs), White wine (1/2 cup), Salt, Pepper

H: Here is the pork leg that we will be using for today's menu.
M: Wow, it's very big!
H: You may have never cooked with such a big piece of meat before, but there are different areas of pork you can use. Today we are using the leg that's very juicy, and it's also called the "fresh ham." Do you want to hold it?
M: May I? Wow, it's much heavier than I expected! What should we pay attention to when buying the pork leg?
H: I recommend to look for one that isn't dark in colorーa pink one is fresh.

① First, sprinkle on salt and pepper onto the meat to prepare. Then, start making the sauce.
H: Melodee, can you mix this for me? We're going to put in honey and dijon mustard consisting of white wine which will add a pleasant flavor.

② Put in grinded garlic.
M: Usually, you don't put in garlic in honey mustard sauce, right...?
H: That's right. The garlic scent is wonderful with the pork though, so it's a great addition. It becomes a very tasty sauce, so I highly recommend putting some in!

③ Add salt and olive oil, and mix thoroughly.
M: When I was young, my mother used to make a honey mustard dip sauce with meat dishes, so it's a flavor that's very nostalgic to me and I love it very much.
H: Ah~ I see. It definitely is a flavor that kids love as well.

④ Spread olive oil on the pan and cook both sides for 3 minutes each.
M: Is there a special tip that you have when cooking the meat?
H: You want to lock in the juicyness of the meat as much as possible, so please cook on high heat so that it becomes slightly charred on both sides.

⑤ Once both sides are cooked, take the meat out and cook the vegetables. Lightly pour some white wine and place the meat on top of the vegetables. Apply half of the honey mustard sauce on the meat and place it in the oven for 20 minutes. Then, take the pan out and flip the meat over. Apply the rest of the sauce, and this time without the lid, cook in the oven for another 20 minutes.

⑥ Take the pork out and let it cook on remaining heat. Put the pan back in the oven (with the vegetables still in it) and let the sauce thicken.

While we wait for the pork to finish, Hideko-sensei will teach me a dessert recipe!
H: Melodee, do you like sweets?
M: I absolutely do!
H: Great! Then, let's make a Strawberry Trifle together that you can easily make it minutes.

Ingredients for 4 Servings
1 Pound Cake, Strawberries (1 pack), Heavy Cream (1 cup), Mascarpone Cheese (1 cup),
20 Vanilla Meringue Cookies, 2 Peppermint Candy Canes, Balsamic Vinegar (3 tbsp)

Making a cake can take a long time, so instead, Hideko sensei has come up with this idea!
H: Today, we are going to be using these.
M: I see, we're going to use glasses!

① Coat thinly sliced strawberry with Balsamic vinegar.
M: Wait, we're going to use Balsamic vinegar for sweets...?
H: Correct! You may think vinegar and fruits would be an odd combination, but the vinegar actually helps soften the strawberries, and it's unique scent matches wonderfully with fruits.

② Add mascarpone cheese into the whipped cream. Then, crush the meringue cookies into pieces to use instead of sugar. Finally, combine the meringue pieces into the cheese and whipped cream mixture.
③ Put in the pound cake, cream, and strawberries in layers into the glass.

M: It's kind of like making a flower shape. I love cream, so is it okay if I put a lot in?
H: Of course!
M: It's almost like a super simple version of strawberry shortcake because it's red and white!

④ Lastly, sprinkle on small pieces of candy cane and... "The Strawberry Trifle is finished!"

So now that the pork is ready...
H: Let's slice the pork! You can adjust the thickness to your own preference.
Place the pork and vegetables on the plate and... "The Honey Mustard Glazed Pork is finished!"

M: Itadakimasu!
Mmm, very juicy! The sweet and sour honey mustard along with the garlic scent is extremely delicious.
H: Yes, the scent is wonderful. The meat's juice makes the vegetables very tasty as well. This sauce can actually be used for salmon as well!
M: Great, so you can use this sauce for fish dishes, too. Above all, what's most incredible about this dish is that you can make it so easily and quickly with just one pan. I really love it!

M: Now, I am going to eat the dessert I have been waiting for!
Wow, the balsamic vinegar's tartness, sweet and sour strawberries, and meringue cookies creating the crunchy food texture... All of them combined creates this very unique flavor. It's so yummy!
H: True. I think a lot of women would enjoy this dessert because it's not too sweet.
M: Definitely. For this dessert, I think you could also substitute with other fruits and maybe add something like chocolate sauce, right?
H: Yes, you can of course arrange it with your favorite fruits and toppings!

M: If you are still thinking of what to make this Christmas, please refer to this Honey Glazed Pork and Strawberry Trifle that Hideko sensei has taught me today.
Now, I feel that I will be able to make these two dishes all on my own!
H: Yes, you definitely can. Please have fun cooking!
M: Thank you very much!
~ Happy Holidays!! ~

Melodee's Version: Christmas Eve Dinner for my Family!
So this weekend, I went to the market to gather all the ingredients for Christmas dinner!
Since the pork I got was thick and big, I cut them in smaller pieces so it'd be easier for me to cook.

xmas1.jpgAbout to flip the super heavy meat over...! I had to be real careful not to burn myself. ^^;
調理しやすくするためお肉をカットしたのですが、それでもやっぱり... お、重いっ!

My ingredients to make the trifles! I added some other fruits and colorful meringue cookies for fun. :)
トライフルの材料です♪ 少しアレンジするため、色々なフルーツとカラフルなメレンゲクッキーを買いました☆

My fruitful trifle topped off with chocolate sauce! And now, it seems like the pork is ready as well.......


dinner2.jpgtrifle1.jpgphoto (13).JPG
It turned out very well!! I don't use the oven too often so I was afraid it may not turn out right...
but I followed Hideko sensei's directions carefully and was able to make my family satisfied. Yay! :)

よかったぁ〜 ><

★My Family's Thoughts on my Christmas Dinner / 家族からの感想★

母 / Mother

父 / Father

兄 / Brother
"It was really good! Can't believe you cooked such a big piece of pork. I also enjoyed the trifle a lot. It was an interesting dessert of all kinds of flavors. 美味しかった!"

My father wouldn't believe that I made it all on my own, so I showed him the photos and video I took while I was cooking and he finally believed me. lol. I guess it's because it looks like a restaurant course dish, but it's so simple to make. :D Once again, thank you SO much Hideko sensei for teaching me such a wonderful recipe and making my Christmas amazing this year. Everyone, please try making these delicious treats!<3


Thank you so much for reading until the end.
I hope you enjoyed it, and Happy Holidays to everyone all around the world!! xoxo


FINAL NY Vacation Series Episode
& New York Giveaway!
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